What if I am not ready for my road test?

At First Class Driving School if you adhere to the cancellation policy for road tests, which is giving us 48 hours notice, you can reschedule your road test.  The office can reschedule the road test to what DMV is releasing at the time of cancellation, which is 6-8 weeks away.

What happens if I miss my lesson or I am late?

If you miss your lesson you do lose the service, if you are late you will receive the remaining time.  Scheduling of lessons is based on your request. We set up the system to send you reminders 2 days in advance for any services.  Please keep in mind you must provide an email to receive email reminders.  If you want a text reminder you must “Opt In” to this service. This is typically done when you sign up.

What happens if I fail my road test?

If you are an existing student you have access to reduced pricing for expedited and regular services. But make sure to get the practice you need on why you failed.  If it’s building confidence and got nervous or needed more work on a specific technique.

What if I didn’t bring my permit to a lesson or 5 hour class what happens?

Unfortunately, you are unable to take the services and you will lose them, the time and seat was reserved for you.  New York State requires that you have your permit when driving and to take the 5 hour pre-license course.

What if I forgot my glasses can I still do my lesson?

No, you must follow the restrictions on your permit.  If you have a restriction on your permit you are required to follow them by law.  Please keep in mind DMV only places a “B” restriction based on the paperwork you filled out or the vision exam you took.  If you wore glasses during the vision test you are required to wear glasses when you drive.  It’s against the law and dangerous.

I signed up for a package and want more lessons what are my options?

You can upgrade to additional 5 lessons at a discounted price, for a couple more lessons you can pay individual pricing for the lessons

I want to view my lessons how do I go about viewing them?

You will need to make an appointment with the office (so that they can ensure it properly downloaded).  Appointments should be made no later than one week after lesson, to avoid you lesson being overwritten.

Do you have notes to help with the techniques?

Yes you can ask the office to send them to you for each technique or access the student resource center to view


No third parties are allowed in vehicles unless they are school personnel, or students

I can bring another person to my Road Test child or family?

No third parties are allowed in vehicles during the test unless they are DMV personnel

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