FIRST CLASS DRIVING SCHOOL & HANDICAP DIVISION INC. 5hr pre-licensing course/class, driving lessons, tax filing. We are located in the heart of Jamaica, a few Blocks from Jamaica Center, and two Blocks from the DMV in Jamaica Ave. Easily Reached by Bus, Train, $2 Dollar Cab, or Taxi.

In Bus Q110, to 171th and jamaica, Q54, Q56, Q30, Q31 to 170th Street and Jamaica Ave, and Walk one Block Q17 and Q17 LTD, Q2, Q3, Q1, Q77 169th/Homelawn st and Hillside Ave, Take the Train to 169 Street Hillside Avenue, Take 171th st and Walk Four Blocks Heading Towards Jamaica Ave

Behind the Wheel Driving Lesson

Where do i go?

How you get to our office? Easy You click on the MTA Trip Planner Button


2410 University Ave.
(Corner. Fordham Rd.)
Bronx, NY 10468


9050 171 Street,
(Corner. of Jamaica av.)
Jamaica, NY, United States

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